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Forgive us while we talk about ourselves.  But we think it’s important to you to know a little more about these people who are telling you how to change your business forever.

Video testimonials

In WoMTWo, we recommend that you use video testimonials.  So on this page, we’ve also got some videos of business leaders who have used the WoMTWo model.

Believe them, not us!

Jake Pearce


Let’s hear from Jake himself.

“I’ve got a 20-year marketing career, and an academic background in psychology and anthropology, that I think has given me a unique insight into how to create new brands and to sell products.”

Where does your passion for word of mouth marketing come from?

“You’ve got to understand how people behave to be able to convince them to buy from you.

That’s seen me work for multi-nationals down to small family firms.  What I found was that no-one knew why word of mouth worked.”

How did you work out how word of mouth works?

“I spent a lot of time and money researching WoM by talking to ad agency people, brand managers, business owners, and by looking to see what the academic research had to say.  And I found the formula.”

What was the result?

“It was the word of mouth work that developed an energy drink brand that outsold Coke; a flavoured water product that saved a factory; and the creation of a community of interest that saved a small family firm that produces agricultural equipment.

And now, we’ve developed those core principles into Word of Mouth That Works.”

Alan Casey


How did you and Jake meet?

“We first met more than 10 years ago when I was a customer on his word of mouth workshop. I instantly understood what Jake was teaching and I could see how practical it was for my consulting business.

From that point, Jake and I became ‘business friends’.”

So what is your background then?

“My journey through to that point had been in senior leadership roles in the NZ power industry, where I led the national grid control centre through a period of technical transformation.  It was this ability to ‘strip down’ complex business processes, those of the operation of a national power grid, that led me to approach Jake with the proposition of codifying his word of mouth knowledge into an online learning programme.”

How does that apply to marketing?

“The creation of Word of Mouth That Works has enabled me to draw on my experience of the design of learning and development programmes that I created in the control centre, and in my subsequent business effectiveness consulting, that has seen me turn around business performance in multiple sectors, in multiple continents.

I might be one of the few people that has held senior level operational roles in sectors as diverse as power and advertising!”

And what about WoMTWo being purpose-led?

“That comes from my experience of chairing a charity in New Zealand for 10 years. It leads you to realise that profit, while it’s important, is not the be all.  We have to have a higher purpose.”

Learn more about Alan on LinkedIn

Graham Wilson

Managing Director

So Jake and Alan are co-founders and you’re managing director?

It’s about the balance of the team.  Jake is the expert in the knowledge.  Alan has pulled it all together to package it up into an excellent learning programme.  And I’ve joined them to bring my experience of taking businesses to market.

So what is your experience in business?

My working life has always involved working closely with people and delivering results.

I spent 35 years in healthcare services working in pharmaceutical companies, medical devices and technology, and in the care sector.  I was a founder director and leader in building the world’s biggest pharmaceutical services business, Innovex/Quintiles, driving consistent growth from start-up to 3500 people in 11 countries.

And what insights do you bring?

I have run programmes that analyse personality, performance and behaviour for more than 30 years.

Having enjoyed significant business success, I believe that if we first build the people, the people will build the business. 

I’ve chaired 6 businesses from logistics to healthcare tech, ECG devices, sales and brand support and served on 11 boards.

A qualified business coach formerly with Shirlaws, a global coaching business, and a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. 

Currently, I own and run a care business and I continue to coach a wide range of clients from owners to board level in multiple sectors.

Learn more about Graham from his LikedIn profile here.

Don’t believe us, believe them!

In WoMTWo, we describe the power of video referrals.  So let’s look at what we mean.

Here are some videos of business leaders who have used the word of mouth model.

High volume examples

Let’s hear what people who have used the word of mouth model in a high volume environment have to say about it.

ANZ Bank

Sector – banking

“The question the course answered was how you put a framework around WoM and create a campaign.”

Fisher & Paykel

Sector – manufacturing, whitewear

“I had a lot of the wrong understanding…you have preconceptions.”

NZ Post

Sector – postal services

“It’s about really genuine conversations with your customers, we lose sight of that.”

Low volume examples

And here are some low volume examples of how our word of mouth model has been used.

The Knowledge Hunters

Sector – consulting

“Any marketer worth his salt should be looking at this.”


Sector – PR

“Not knowing what your clients are saying about you is crazy.”


Sector – recruitment

“If you’re still thinking about the course a month later then you know it’s the right thing. “

Yet more video referrals

We aren’t going to provide you with any written referrals, because we could have written them ourselves!  But video referrals, well, they’re just so powerful aren’t they.  Here’s more if you’re not convinced yet.