Welcome to the Book of Business Wisdom

So what is it about, and why you been invited to contribute?

The Movement


Picture all of those businesses across the UK who would give their right arm for the success, experience and wisdom of the best. Businesses which drive our society and provide for families across the nation. They can’t afford your wisdom and it’s really hard to access: put simply, there’s no one place to find it. Enter BoW. 

The aim is to surface the crème de la crème of business wisdom, the British business wisdom bible if you like; the single malt of single malts. Why? It’s a critical time in Britain and it’s time to remind ourselves how we are the 5thlargest economy in the world, what makes us tick, what’s our business DNA what drives our success. It’s time to collate our timeless pearls of business wisdom.

Over the years the Word of Mouth That Works team have been exposed to some outstanding leaders and thinkers but no-one has collated their wisdom, it gets lost in a barrage of newsletters, e-mails, posts, conferences and fragmented knowledge.  It’s time to capture this, by inviting 1000 people to contribute. All you have to do is to provide your pearl of wisdom.

Contributors will get the book for free but “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” as a wise person might say! In return we’re inviting people to take the 3-minute Word of Mouth challenge; it’s a benchmark survey to help us understand how good British businesses understand word of mouth marketing. You simply take the challenge and we will send you your score and how you compare.

Why? WoM delivers the highest RoI in marketing, but most people think it’s just about referrals, it’s not, it’s about creating movements and that’s the education required. 

And that’s what we’re doing, creating a movement to remind us we’ve got ‘good stuff’ in Britain, so we’ll invite our contributors to select two people to contribute, people who will value the exercise. We’re walking our talk, we’re creating a movement. 

What’s in it for you and our contributors? 

  • You are invited to contribute to something special that gives your business stature
  • You will be published, offering you PR opportunities and a platform for content
  • You will get a free copy of a unique reference book, a must have for leaders
  • During the process you will get regular updates and wisdoms sent to you to enjoy and share (not too often mind 😉)
  • You have the chance to join our community of “Wisdomeers” and connect with other contributors. 

Why is it invitation only, isn’t that a bit, well, exclusive? 

No, it’s not. 

Everyone has something to say but wisdom is usually gained when you no longer need it. Most people don’t have what you have, the best knowledge there is from the University of Hard Knocks. We’re choosing people who really have been there and done it, teachers not preachers. And most people across the nation can’t afford you but it’s in our collective interest to spread the wisdom to everyone. 

Join us in doing something simple, lasting and timeless, the business wisdom of the nation.