What is WoMTWo?


It’s Word of Mouth That Works

The first online program to show you HOW to make word of mouth work.  For you.

Word of Mouth (WoM) is acknowledged as the most effective form of marketing.

Why?  It’s a matter of trust.

Here’s a fact we uncovered in our research:

92% of people trust a recommendation from a friend

while the trust of traditional advertising comes in at a lowly 8%.

So rather than investing your marketing budget in any form of advertising, wouldn’t you be better off understanding how WoM works, and through that building your own trusted networks of referrers?

Here’s another fact.

Only 6% of marketers  understand  how WoM works

Yet there is a method, a formula behind it.
Here’s a quote from Jonah Berger, author of ‘Contagious: Why Things Catch On’ and an expert in WoM:

Virality isn’t luck.  It’s not magic.  And it’s not random.
There’s a science behind why people talk and share.
A formula, even.

Word of Mouth That Works gives you that formula

Now it’s all well good having the formula.  What you also need are the tools to apply it.

So as well as giving you the knowledge that underpins the WoM formula, we show you HOW to apply it.

In fact, we give you ALL of the templates, forms, questionnaires


that you need to create and launch your own

Word of Mouth Campaigns

That Work

Introducing the WoMTWo™ Variants

Our experience with corporate learning programmes is that they give you plenty of knowledge, but then leave YOU to work out how to apply it in your business.

But leaders find it really hard to find the time to grapple with the application of their newfound knowledge, adapt their business processes, AND continue with business as usual.

All too often, the time and money invested in learning programmes is wasted as they aren’t properly applied.

We’re going to ensure that that doesn’t happen to you.

And we do it in more than one way.

We give you the business processes, ready to use and drop into your organisation.  (Coming soon)

And we’ve adapted Word of Mouth That Works to suit a number of different business scenarios.

Core to that adaption is our “volume intimacy model”, or VIM

Rather than adapting WoMTWo by business sector, we decided to adapt it by the nature of the relationships that you have with your customers:

  • How many customers you have
  • And how intimate you are with them

Because it’s these two factors that determine HOW you apply your WoM knowledge.

This adaptation has resulted in 4 variants of WoMTWo.

Let's introduce them.


Is our core Word of Mouth That Works™ content, tuned to small businesses where you have an established customer that you’re able to harness to your Word of Mouth ‘engine’.  It’s suited to established small businesses with typically fewer than 100 customers.

7 Modules of learning

£750 ex VAT


As a startup, marketing is the ONE thing you really need to get right.  We understand how to apply WoM in startup: we've been there.  And we share it with you. WoM:One™ is for start-ups, either pre-launch or early stage..

7 Modules of learning

£750 ex VAT


This variant uses the same core content as the low volume variant, now tuned to larger businesses that have many more customers from which to find and develop their advocates.  WoM:HiVol™ is suited to larger businesses or corporates that have high volumes of customers.

7 Modules of learning

£750 ex VAT


This is where we deliver on our higher purpose of improving peoples' lives.  From our experience of leading roles in the third sector, we've adaptedWoMTWo™ for use by charities and not for profits.  Pro bono.

7 Modules of learning

Free to registered community charities

WoM:LoVol is for businesses with low numbers of customers.

Your investment is £750 ex VAT.

WoM:HiVol is for businesses with high numbers of customers.

Your investment is £750 ex VAT.

WoM:One is for businesses that
are in start-up.

Your investment is £750 ex VAT.

WoM:NFP is for community not for profit organisations.  

It is free to registered charities.

Introducing the WoMsters

Story telling defines us as humans.  It’s in our DNA.

Reading  bland examples that describe how your WoM knowledge is applied in different situations can get boring.

So we’re going to interweave a series of stories with your learning, a WoM soap opera if you like, to show you how the knowledge we’re giving you can be used.

Let us introduce the WoMsters.

The WoMsters are the characters in the WoM soap opera.

There are two characters for each of the variants, whose stories will explain how you develop your WoM tactics.

The characters will be selling either products or services, and have high or low intimacy with their customers.

We’ll introduce each of the WoMsters by describing their current situation, and explaining why they’ve decided to use WoM as the tool to grow their business.

And as you proceed through the program, you’ll see how the WoMsters are benefiting from it.

As you will.

Now, you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, would you?

And that should be the same with an online course.

In which you’re going to invest significant time and money.

So we’re going to allow you to test drive the WoMTWo variant that best suits you.

We’re going to give you


The introductory modules that will get you started.

You’ll get to see:

  • The structure of the course
  • How we deliver it
  • And how we ensure that you embed WoM as business as usual in your organisation.

We’ll introduce you to the WoMsters.

And you’ll be clear on the investment that you’re going to make.

Your Investment
Let’s be very clear about the investment that you need to make to get WoM working for you.

It’s like running a marathon.

You can’t just turn up at the starting line without any preparation and training.

WoM is EXACTLY like that.

The training for WoM consists of a lot of research of your customers and reviewing of your systems.

It’s about putting down solid foundations for your WoM campaigns to build on.

This initial stage will take you between 2 weeks and 2 months to complete, depending on your organisation.

So be prepared.

We don’t want you to enter the marathon and not win it.

So if you want the benefits of the best form of marketing.  If you want to:

Grow your sales


And with the best return on your investment.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort to reach the finishing line.

Then take up our no obligation offer to experience WoMTWo.


And see what WoMTWo can do for you.