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Module 2: Introduction to WoMTWo™  35 mins

Module 2 is where we are giong to introduce you to HOW we’re going to help you to create and deliver your own word of mouth campaigns by the time you’ve completed the course.

It consists of 7 lessons.  Let’s take a  look at them.

Lesson 1 : Module Snapshot

Lesson 1 is a snapshot of Module 2.

You will see what is covered in the module, and the outcomes at its conclusion.

 2 mins

Lesson 2 : What and How

Lesson 2 introduces you to how we’re going to take you through the process of learning AND application..

 5 mins

Lesson 3 : Introduction to the VIM

In lesson 3 you will be introduced to the Volume Intimacy Model, which is a key concept in the delivery of the course.

6 mins

Lesson 4 : Introducing the WoMsters

Lesson 4 introduces you to the WoMsters, who’ll be explaining how they’ve applied the learning you experience in organisations similar to your own.  This is a key lesson in understanding which WoMTWo Variant to select.

8 mins

Lesson 5 : Introduction to the WoMTWo™ Model

In lesson 3 you will be introduced the 5 step WoMTWo™ model that will be the cornerstone of the course.

6 mins

Lesson 6 : Introduction to the WoMTWo™ Case Studies

This lesson will introduce you the case studies that we’ll be using throughout the course.

3 mins

Lesson 7 : Module Summary

Module 2 concludes with a summary of the module.

Each module will conclude with a review of its outcomes and the progress that you are making through the course.

2 mins


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