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Introduction to WoMTWo

Module 2: Lesson 4

The WoMsters  8 mins

Lesson 4 introduces the second key concept of WoMTWo™, and the way in which we’ll bring our WoM examples to life: the WoMsters.

This is a long lesson, and we’re introducing characters into 4 different areas: start-up, low volume businesses, high volume businesses, and not for profits.

There are 5 videos in this lesson, one to introduce the WoMsters, and one for each of the WoMTWo™ variants.

Watch the introduction, which describes how we’ll use the WoMsters, and the video for the variant that you think best suits you. 

The WoM:One™ Characters

Now let’s look at each of the WoMsters

Listen to the WoM:One™ Characters

The WoM:LoVol™ Characters

Listen to the WoM:LoVol™ Characters

The WoM:HiVol™ Characters

Listen to the WoM:HiVol™ Characters

The WoM:NFP™ Characters

Listen to the WoM:NFP™ Characters

Lesson 4 Workbook

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