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After 15 years of running award winning workshops around the world, Word of Mouth That Works has launched the world’s FIRST courses that not only teach WHAT word of mouth is, but HOW you implement it in your organisation.

To mark the occasion, we’re going to give you a very special offer.

As one of the first 100 subscribers to any of the WoMTWo Variants, you will receive:

A 20% discount on the normal price of the course

One hour of coaching and support from our WoMaster, Jake Pearce.

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You won’t find better value for an online course to grow your business.

Especially not for a program that runs over a period of weeks, and introduces highly effective new skills and processes into your business.

Making a huge difference to your business takes time.  So we’re going to help you by offering Jake’s support as an extra bonus,

You can do it without him. But how much more interesting will it be to work with the author and expert?

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The opportunity to receive direct support from Jake WILL NOT be repeated

You will be able to book Jake for two half hour support sessions.  Once you’ve committed to your course, we’ll send you a link to Jake’s diary.

That way, you can use your time with Jake during any part of WoM journey.

WoM Nugget

77% of people are more likely to buy something when they are referred by friends or family

WoM Nugget

64% of marketeers think WoM is the best, but only 6% have mastered it

WoM Nugget

73% of marketeers say they have an allocated WoM budget

WoM Nugget

Word of Mouth increases advert effectiveness by 54%

WoM Nugget

84% of people take action based on a personal recommendation

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WoMTWo comes in four different flavours: The Variants.

Each Variant is tailored to a specific business environment, so that you get the targeted WoM examples and support materials that you need to develop your WoM campaigns.

Get our SPECIAL OFFER by selecting your WoM Variant below.


WoM:One is the ONLY word of mouth marketing course specifically designed for start-ups.  As a new business, you might not think that you have any customers to refer you.  But you’d be surprised at how useful WoM can be in accelerating you through the start-up phase, and growing your business faster than you might hope.

Subscribe NOW, and get 20% off our standard price of £750 ex VAT, PLUS an HOUR with WoMaster Jake Pearce.


WoM:HiVol is suited to larger businesses or corporates that have high volumes of customers. Now it’s possible that you may have some knowledge or experience of WoM.  However, we believe that there’s plenty to learn for large customer volume businesses, and we think you’ll be surprised at the new insights we can offer.  As a moderate investment, the upside is potentially huge.

Subscribe NOW and you can get started on your WoM journey with 20% off £750.00 ex VAT, supported by WoMaster Jake.


Get 25% off WoM:LoVol NOW!  Subscribe below.

WoM:LoVol is best suited to established small businesses with, typically, fewer than 100 customers.  And you probably have some close relationships.  Or should have!  Learning to harness the power of the customers that really love you will have a huge effect on your growth, and is more effective than complex digital options. You can begin your WoM driven growth NOW and get 20% off the normal price of £750.00 ex VAT, and be coached by a WoM expert!


This is us delivering on our purpose.

We have experience of leading a charity and understand the nuances and differences you face. WoM will help you recognise and encourage those who share your passions.  What’s more, it will enable you to grow your funding channels as you benefit from a growing group of people who are spreading the word about your cause.

WoM:NFP is a pro bono variant of WoMTWo that will help community organisations to use word of mouth to drive exposure to their cause.

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