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What happens next

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And if you haven’t already, complete Modules 1 and 2, the introductory modules to WoMTWo.

The commitments you will need to make

Now you’ve invested in WoM:HiVol, let’s review your time commitments.

There are two time factors in WoM:HiVol

  • Those to complete the learning in the lessons – this is fixed. The entire course will take you 24 hours to complete all of the lessons in each of the modules.
  • The effort to complete the application of your WoM knowledge to your start-up – this is a variable dependent on your particular situation. We’ve estimated the amount of time that you need to budget to complete the application sessions.

The following chart shows you how the learning time commitment is distributed across the course.

The thing to note is that, by the time you’ve completed the introductory modules, and the setup of your WoM infrastructure in modules 3 and 4, you’ll be nearly two thirds of the way through the course.

One last important point

One final and important point about WoM.  Like preparing for a marathon, don’t expect quick results.

WoM is not like launching digital or social media campaigns.  You’re not going to see immediate stats showing increased traffic.

Building WoM is a consistent process of steady growth, that takes persistence.

So if you’re after a quick fix, it’s not for you.

But if you want to know how you can base your start-up on WoM principles, and see superior sustainable results, then this is the program you MUST have.

To find out what WoM:One will be like as an experience, get started now.