Launching a new business is one of the greatest challenges in business.  We know how hard it can be through our collective experience of a number of  start-ups, and more recently with WoMTWo.



Launching a new business is one of the greatest challenges in business.  We know how hard it can be through our collective experience of a number of  start-ups, and more recently with WoMTWo.

Alongside all of your other start-up expenses, which are considerable and often under-estimated, you have your cost of customer acquisition.

While few people know the formula to word of mouth marketing, even fewer realise that it is as equally powerful in the start-up situation as it is for established businesses.

And you will start to build an advocate network even as you leave the launch pad. This is very important and will accelerate your business growth.

What is WoM:One?

WoM:One is an online learning course that also gives you all of the tools and templates to apply your WoM knowledge to your own business.

You’ll work through a series of modules, each consisting of lessons.  And the lessons will be supported by further learning and application documents.  All designed to help you apply your learning as you go, and to deliver your first WoM campaigns.

How will WoM:One help me?

A great way to validate your product or services ideas is to test and validate them with a group of early adopters.  These might be existing customers, promised buyers or suppliers, colleagues, or friends and family.  In general, they’re likely to become your first customers.

If you manage this process with WoM in mind, you will identify potential advocates before you’ve made your first sale.

And, in true WoM fashion, you’ll have a virtual sales force out there pitching on your behalf.

What a relief that would be on your cost structure!

How does WoM:One work?

WoM:One adapts the core WoMTWo application to the start-up environment.  In fact, we’ll explain exactly what we did.

Rather than identify your advocates and champions in an existing customer base, we’ll show you how to develop them from the very beginning.

And rather than having to test feedback and engagement channels in an existing business, which can be costly, we’ll explain what you’ll need to be doing from the outset, and give you the templates.

Like the WoMTWo courses for established businesses, WoM:One consists of 8 modules of learning.

We offer you a variety of media for your learning:

  • Video – you can watch video lessons, either on a desktop or mobile device
  • Audio – if you have a busy life, who doesn’t, and want to listen to the lessons, then this is the option for you
  • Workbooks – finally, if you’re the type of person that likes to read, work at your own pace, then we have lesson workbooks for you

While the lessons tell you ‘what’ and ‘why’, there are Application Sessions and Deep Learning Sessions in each lesson that give you a deeper understanding of the lesson content, and show you ‘HOW’ you go about applying your WoM knowledge.

The Application Sessions, and Deep Learning Sessions are major WoM One differentiators.

Let’s have a look at the modules.

Module 3 : Exposure

This is the first of the five core WoMTWo modules, where you get to understand your customers.

It describes the different types of customers that you have, and how you can differentiate them.

We explain how to develop your advocates so that they will spread the word about your business.

And we’ll show you how you can work with them to understand what it is that will bind your advocates together to talk about you.

At the conclusion of Module 3, you’ll be working with a group of advocates.

Module 4 : Experience

In this module, we help you to understand how, and where, your customers talk about your brand, products or services.

You’ll work with your advocates to understand where customers will most likely be talking about you, and how your advocates can bring in new customers.

By the time you’ve finished module 4, you’ll know where your online and offline WoM conversations will be taking place.

Module 5 : Involvement

This module is about testing the essential systems and processes in your business that enable WoM to happen.

The feedback mechanisms from the market to the organisation are often the most overlooked, but essential processes of any business.  Without them, you’re pushing away the customers that love you.

We’ll explain what you need to put in place, and give you the templates.

At the end of this module, you’ll have the certainty that customers, who are falling in love with you, will be able to talk to you about ideas that they have for your products or services. And might just have that tweak or new idea that will leap you forward.

Module 6 : Connection

This is where the real fun begins.  At this stage of the course, you’ve done all of the training for the marathon.  Now you’re ready to go out there and win it!

You’ll now be ready to start constructing your WoM campaigns.  After all of the building and preparation, we now go into creative mode.

And that will mean that you’ll be validating and launching your campaigns.

Module 7 : Ongoing WoM

Now that you’ve got fit enough to run a marathon, we want to ensure that you don’t lose that fitness.  And WoM is exactly the same.

It’s not about launching one campaign, and thinking that’s job done.

WoM needs continuous work.  You have stay fit and sharp.  It should become ingrained in your marketing culture.

In this final module, we’ll show you how you embed ongoing WoM into the way your business operates.

How WoM becomes business as usual.

And that is WoM:One

We’re sure that it’s the comprehensive way of learning how to create and manage your own WoM campaigns that you will find.

If you want to start, then buy WoM:One now.