Having a high Net Promoter Score* and knowing that someone will recommend you is great.

Isn’t it?

But being recommended is not so great if you don’t know what people are going to say about you!! 


When it comes to WoM, the referral is a critical element. We all tend to think we can just talk about our products or services, because we know them and are passionate.

Yet most businesses don’t work on the message they need to share.

We think our enthusiasm will persuade people, and that having a rehearsed speech is too salesy or isn’t natural? 

Like it or not, your referral needs to hit the mark in seconds, every time.  Getting it wrong is a missed opportunity, and potentially missed sales. 

When you’ve worked on it, a prepared and considered referral becomes natural. 

So it’s only natural that you should help the people that will help you, and give them the outline of the story you’d like them to tell about you. 

Because if you don’t control that story, they will make it up.

And what they say, might not be what you want or need them to say!

WoM Nugget

84% of people take action based on a personal recommendation

WoM Nugget

Word of Mouth increases advert effectiveness by 54%

WoM Nugget

Advocates are 3 times more likely to share product opinions with people they don’t know

WoM Nugget

65% of new business comes from referrals

WoM Nugget

77% of people are more likely to buy something when they are referred by friends or family

WoM Nugget

64% of marketeers think WoM is the best, but only 6% have mastered it

WoM Nugget

73% of marketeers say they have an allocated WoM budget. Have you?


This is what we call your ‘core referral’.

It’s how a customer talks to others about you, with a view to converting them into new customers.


So have you got a ‘core referral’ that you can pass on to your advocates?


Same message.  Every time.


And if you have, do you know how effective it is?

Until now, you’ve haven’t been able to test your referral.  It was all trial and error.

We’d like to introduce Referalize

Referalize tests your ‘core referral’ with 100 people for its persuasiveness
and its virality They score how good they think it is, or not!

So that you know that when you pass it on,
it’ll do its job, every time, for every opportunity.

And to help you have the best chance of getting it right, first time, we’re going to give you our Referral Writing Guide.

Because we know, from experience, that most people don’t have their referral written down.

Go away.  Write it.  Come back. 

 Then, for only £100, we’ll test your core referral with 100 people,

and ask them to rate your referral as if they were your customers.

You will receive your Referalize Dashboard showing your referral’s
Persuasiveness and Viraltiy.

PLUS a FREE Benchmark Report for your core referral.


confidence in your referral