WoM:NFP Estimated time commitment 24 hours

Word of Mouth That Works is a purpose-led company.  Our purpose is to make the world a better and fairer place.  WoM:NFP is one of the ways that we will deliver on our purpose. Word of mouth can be used as effectively in the third sector as it can in commercial business.  The advantage that charities have is a far broader set of stakeholders upon whom they can call to spread the word, and amongst whom they can find advocates and champions. This is the main differentiator between the commercial versions of WoMTWo and WoM:NFP.  That and the requirement for a registered charity number to be provided along with your application.  Just so that we can make that the course is being provided to those that it is aimed at.

What is WoM:NFP?

WoM:NFP is an online learning course that also gives you all of the tools and templates to apply your WoM knowledge to your not for profit organisation.

You’ll work through a series of modules, each consisting of lessons.  And the lessons will be supported by further learning and application documents.  All designed to help you apply your learning as you go, and to deliver your first WoM campaigns.

Nominate a not a for profit

You don’t have to be working in a charity, or not for profit, to introduce WoM:NFP to the cause that you care about.  You can nominate an organisation in your community, by clicking below, and we’ll get in contact with them. We just need your help, to help them.

How does WoM:NFP work?

WoM:NFP adapts the core WoMTWo application to the not for profit sector.

Not for profit organisations and charities have a much broader group of stakeholders from whom we can identify advocates and champions.  In WoM:NFP, we’ll help you to understand how you do this.

Like the WoMTWo courses for established businesses, WoM:Hybrid consists of 8 modules of learning.

We offer you a variety of media for your learning:

  • Video – you can watch video lessons, either on a desktop or mobile device
  • Audio – if you have a busy life, who doesn’t, and want to listen to the lessons, then this is the option for you
  • Workbooks – finally, if you’re the type of person that likes to read, work at your own pace, then we have lesson workbooks for you

While the lessons tell you ‘what’ and ‘why’, there are Application Sessions and Deep Learning Sessions in each lesson that give you a deeper understanding of the lesson content, and show you ‘HOW’ you go about applying your WoM knowledge.

The Application Sessions, and Deep Learning Sessions are major WoM:NFP differentiators.

Let’s have a look at the modules.

Module 1 : An Introduction to WoM:NFP

First up, we’ll introduce you to the WoM:LoVol course.  It will explain how the course works and what outcomes you can expect.

15 mins.

Module 2 : An Introduction to the WoMTWo Model

Module  2 introduces you to word of mouth marketing, and the WoMTWo model.

By the time you’ve completed the first two modules, you’ll have the basic understanding of why WoM works, how powerful it is, and how we’re going to enable you to create your own WoM campaigns.

We’ve designed the program so that WoM becomes a part of your culture, and the driver of growth for your business.  It’s the IDEAL growth strategy in your start-up phase.

Modules 1 and 2 are FREE.  We want you to fully understand what it is that you’re committing to, and the experience that you’ll have.

45 mins.

Module 3 : Exposure

This is the first of the five core WoMTWo modules, where you get to understand your stakeholders.

This is where we see the first big difference between WoM:NFP and its commercial counterparts.  As a charity, you have a much broader group of stakeholders from which to identify your advocates and champions, not just ‘customers’.

Module 3 will describe the different types of stakeholders that you have, and how you can differentiate them.

We explain how to develop your advocates so that they will spread the word about your organisation.

And we’ll show you how you can work with them to confirm what it is that binds your advocates together to talk about you.

At the conclusion of Module 3, you’ll be working with a group of advocates.

9 hours of learning and application.

Module 4 : Experience

In this module, we help you to understand how, and where, your stakeholders talk about your organisation.

You’ll work with your advocates to understand where your stakeholders will most likely be talking about you, and how your advocates can share the story of your organisation.

By the time you’ve finished module 4, you’ll know where your online and offline WoM conversations will be taking place.

3.5 hours of learning and application.

Module 5 : Involvement

This module is about putting in place the essential systems and processes in your start-up that enable WoM to happen.

The feedback mechanisms from the outside world to the organisation are often the most overlooked, but essential processes of any organisation.  Without them, you’re pushing away the people that love you.

We’ll explain what you need to put in place, and give you the templates.

At the end of this module, you’ll have the certainty that new stakeholders, who are falling in love with you, will be able to talk to you about ideas that they have for your organisation.  And might just have that tweak or new idea that will leap you forward.

1.5 hours of learning and application.

Module 6 : Connection

This is where the real fun begins.  At this stage of the course, you’ve done all of the training for the marathon.  Now you’re ready to go out there and win it!

You’ll now be ready to start constructing your WoM campaigns.  After all of the building and preparation, we now go into creative mode.

And that will mean that you’ll be validating and launching your campaigns.

5.5 hours of learning and application.

Module 7 : Ongoing WoM

Now that you’ve got fit enough to run a marathon, we want to ensure that you don’t lose that fitness.  And WoM is exactly the same.

It’s not about launching one campaign, and thinking that’s job done.

WoM needs continuous work.  You have stay fit and sharp.  It should become ingrained in your marketing culture.

In this final module, we’ll show you how you embed ongoing WoM into the way your business operates.

How WoM becomes business as usual.

3 hours of learning and application.

Module 8 : Summary

And this is where we summarise the program and reflect on what you’ve achieved. 

30 mins.


Find out if you’ve got what it takes to generate Word of Mouth for your business. The first two modules of the WoMTWo Variants are common. Register below NOW and experience Module 1 and Module 2 FREE.

The commitments you will need to make

Now before you commit to investing in WoM:NFP, you need to know what it is going to cost you.  Not just financially, but in time. There are two time factors in WoM:NFP

  • Those to complete the learning in the lessons – this is fixed. The entire course will take you x hours to complete all of the lessons in each of the modules.
  • The effort to complete the application of your WoM knowledge to your start-up – this is a variable dependent on your particular situation. We’ve estimated the amount of time that you need to budget to complete the application sessions.

The following chart shows you how the time commitment is distributed across the course. The thing to note is that, by the time you’ve completed the introductory modules, and the setup of your WoM infrastructure in modules 3 and 4, you’ll be nearly two thirds of the way through the course.

Help us, to help you, help others

If you think that there is a cause in your community that we can both support, then nominate the organisation now, below. And if you work in a community focused not for profit, and think that we can help you, then nominate yourself.

One last important point

One final and important point about WoM.  Like preparing for a marathon, don’t expect quick results. WoM is not like launching digital or social media campaigns.  You’re not going to see immediate stats showing increased traffic. Building WoM is a consistent process of steady growth, that takes persistence. So if you’re after a quick fix, it’s not for you. But if you want to know how you can base your start-up on WoM principles, and see superior sustainable results, then this is the program you MUST have. To find out what WoM:NFP will be like as an experience, get started now.